Holistic Alternatives for Your Health


If your body could talk and tell you what it needs to be healthy what would it say? But how do you talk to your body to find the root cause of your health concerns?


Donna LaClare of Holistic Alternatives has a computerized system called the Elite 5.0 by Zyto technologies which enables a computer to communicate with your body. Every cell in your body is networked together, sending and receiving information. When your body encounters a health challenge you begin to show symptoms.


The non invasive and safe Elite 5.0 Biocommunications Scan involves simply placing your hand on a hand cradle, which measures your (GSR) Galvanic Skin Response. This can identify weaknesses in organs and systems and discover what is causing you discomfort. Some of the things the Elite 5.0 can scan for are organs, glands, systems of the body, bacteria, virus, fungus, molds, parasites, foods, pollens, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, emotions. Just to name a few.  The information gathered helps determine a specific protocol that will have the most positive effect on your health.


Holistic Alternatives also offers Ion Cleanse detoxification; a total body detoxification that provides a comfortable, safe and relaxing way to rid your body of toxins. Detoxifying the world two feet at a time!




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